Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric Care Manager

A Geriatric Care Manager is a professional health care provider such as a gerontologist, nurse, or social worker focusing on issues related to older adults. These professionals provide information on support services, resources, and education to guide the older adult and their family to quality community services, in-home services, and senior living communities. They will provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation and develop a plan of care with the family. As needed they will assist with navigating through the complex health care system.

The services may be short term and advisory in nature or long term oversight to assure the family that their loved one is living in a safe, healthy environment and receiving quality care.  Recommended Care Managers:

Judy Dahle, RN, MS, MSG
Gerontologist in Costa Mesa, CA
Office: (714) 545-9159      Cell: (714) 315-1694

Donna Velarde, LCSW
(949) 274-0465

RN Health Management
(949) 383-5700